Direct Mail

The heavy lifter in TargetSmart marketing services is direct mail. Direct mail is effective for reaching customers because it’s tangible, targeted, and trackable.

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of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered1
0 %
of consumers prefer mail over other advertising methods2
0 %
or more increase in response rates when targeting 1:12
0 %
of consumers try a new business after receiving direct mail4
TargetSmart - Direct Mail

Sources: 1 Firesnap; 2 USPS; 3 Data & Marketing Association; 4 MarketingProfs

We offer a number of cost-effective direct mail formats designed to help you reach your business growth goals. Each offers visual branding and messaging complementary to your own brand plus variable data printing for a 1:1 connection with the recipient.

Each turnkey direct mail program includes:

Direct Mail
Mailing List

Mailing Lists


Creative Services


Printing, Postage, and Mailing


Campaign Measurement

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