Digital Marketing

Integrating digital services with your direct mail campaign amplifies your results. Data shows when you add digital media into the mix, you gain an increase of 118% in response. The better your response, the better chance you have for new growth.

TargetSmart digital marketing services include:


Extending your reach

To complement your direct mail campaigns and increase your touchpoint opportunities, we'll create a digital presence for you on the most popular online networks. 80% of sales occur between the 8th and 12th contact. To stay in a consumer’s consideration set for financial products and services, a cohesive cross-channel is needed to keep your organization top of mind.

New Accounts

Maximizing targeted engagement

We don't just point and shoot. We target the consumers proven to most likely do–or increase–business with you and reach them via multiple platforms to boost your impressions.​

Digital Integration

Capitalizing on trends

81% of consumers start shopping for financial products online. However, for most websites, only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit. Our integrated solution not only drives traffic to your website via direct mail, but continues the engagement cycle back to your website for action.

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